About Us

GRIMMA is a non-profit organization that conducts research, conservation and environmental education projects about marine mammals and other species that are present in the marine and coastal ecosystems of México.


  • Generate information that serves for conservation of the ecosystems and their species.
  • Transmit scientific knowledge to the new generation of researchers and conservation promoters.
  • Make a change in the public consciousness and the importance of their actions to protect nature.


Become an organization that generates scientific knowledge to help influence decision-making processes for the sustainable management of natural resources and that collaborates with people and other organizations and institutions to join forces and unite efforts to reverse environmental degradation and species loss. In GRIMMA we urgently ask you “to keep the world world alive”

What we do?

Marine mammal monitoring

GRIMMA implements projects to keep a watch on marine mammal’s population, mostly are sea based surveys, in which we obtain important data like species identification, size and type of the group witnessed, GPS position, acoustic recordings, photo-id of dorsal and caudal fins, etc. Later that data is analyzed to generate knowledge that aids in the conservation of the species and their ecosystems.

Marine mammal strandings

In some occasions marine mammals strand on the beach or near shore, and are unable to fend for itself, the reasons may vary depending on the actual case, but may include: disease, injury, disorientation or decease GRIMMA maintains an active all year round attention program for these events in coordination with government institutions, independent experts and other organizations, also during these events we can obtain a great and important collection of data or samples that are important for analyses.

Environmental education program

GRIMMA actively participates in talks, festivals, meetings, expositions, events, with the objective of promoting the knowledge of marine species, their conservation as well as the research that have been done around these species. All of the previous are done with interesting and fun activities for all ages, with the objective of increasing the interest of the public in the care of marine mammals and the ecosystems.