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Citizen science

At GRIMMA we know that the Bahía de Banderas region is a distribution site for many species of marine mammals. However, surveying the entire Bay and its surroundings may not always be possible, and that´s where you can help us!


If you go out to the sea regularly, you like to take pictures of all the animals you see, you are intrigued and curious to know what each animal you have photographed is, and you also like to share what you see. At GRIMMA we offer you the opportunity to do citizen science. That's right, you can contribute to science and be part of the knowledge generated about marine mammals in the region, how?

  • Every time you go sailing, record each marine mammal sighting by taking: photos or video.
  • Take note of the hour and date of the sighting (this is important if you witnessed different sightings at the same day.
  • Take note of the GPS position of the sighting from your cellphone (by taking a screenshot at google maps coordinates of your position at that time or similar GPS app) or GPS navigator.
  • send all that information to or as a private message to our Facebook page.

Each time we receive a photograph or video, you will receive information on the species or family of the marine mammal captured in the photograph or video, you will be publicly recognized as a citizen collaborator of GRIMMA. At the end of the year, all the data obtained by citizen observations will be analyzed and distributed in a bulletin for divulgation.

Participate and be part of the science!

Some images of our program